Biggest Groove Metal from Germany!


Founded in early 2010, the quartet from Hennef merges with brute force elements of groove metal, thrash and death.

“Blending a variety of styles and sounds, these boys impact their listeners with the aural dynamics of a burning metal forgeworks.” So it’s not surprising that caliber.X have played shows with bands like Crematory, AXXIS or Schelmish and contributed a song to the compilation “Köln Rockt 2″ by EMI Music. “caliber.X have such big balls so that they can face each comparison. “Awesome”, or as we say, this debut is just before the point limit.” Jörg Müller (The-Pit) With “Suburbia” caliber.X tread a way beyond parental paths, away from casteism. If you like modern metal, melodic and varied, you’re well served ” There’s no alternative to what caliber.X have to offer, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!